COVID-19 Update:

In light of continued progress and improved COVID-19 metrics reported by the NCDHHS, we are now providing patients with the opportunity to be seen face to face. The option for virtual services remains; however, initial and annual assessments/evaluations must be provided in the clinic. Please note, face coverings are required for all in-clinic services and CDC guidelines must be adhered.

Additional COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Update

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Important Message to Patients:

PORT Health Services remains dedicated to continuing to provide services to the community.  Due to the risk of spreading COVID 19 and the recommendation of NCDHHS to practice "social distancing", we have now instituted options for patients to speak with their therapist or medical professional without having to come to the clinic.  You can now request to have your appointment via telephone or a video/audio application that allows you to use your smartphone to have a virtual face to face appointment. If you have an upcoming appointment and would like to utilize either the telephone (voice only) or virtual appointment (video and audio), please call the office well in advance of your appointment so that arrangements can be made.  If you choose the telephone only option, you will simply receive a phone call.  If you choose the virtual appointment, you must have a smartphone and you must allow the application access to your camera and microphone (there is no danger doing so). The virtual session is secure but does require downloading ZOOM (  This should only take a few minutes.  We are using ZOOM as our new platform for ease of use for you, the patient, and our staff.  Some of you may have heard about weaknesses in ZOOM's security, however, we have put into place some extra precautions to avoid any type of security threats. Each PORT Health staff person that has a ZOOM account will have their own meeting ID number that they will use consistently.  They will inform you of their meeting ID number so that all you have to do is pull up ZOOM and click on "join meeting" then type in the meeting ID number. We have also begun using ZOOM for some group meetings.  If you have not been informed of the group meeting ID, then your particular group type might not allow for virtual meetings.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  You can contact us in a variety of ways including website submissions under the Compliance heading of our site. 

We will continue to follow recommendations from the CDC and NCDHHS regarding any new concerns with COVID 19. Thank you for allowing PORT Health Services to be your provider. 


Important Notes: 

  • To use Zoom: 

    Go to your internet browser (Chrome, Google,  Safari, etc.) and type in

    Once you have opened, find the JOIN button and click on it. Choose the option to "join a meeting". That will take you to a screen where you can type in a meeting ID. This nine-digit meeting ID should have already been given to you so that you join the right meeting.  Once you type in the digits, the "join meeting" will change from shaded to bright.  Click on this once it changes.  You should then automatically be connected to your provider. Below is the link to ZOOM.

  • If you choose the telephone or virtual appointment option, we ask that you remain in a private place with the least amount of distractions during the call.  We strive to protect your privacy and expect you to do the same.
  • Please go into your phone settings and make sure that you are not blocking unidentified numbers so that our calls or invitation texts make it through to your phone.  

New Patient Intake Forms

In an effort to continue to provide our patients with services and to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we have made our New Patient Registration form available digitally. Please fill out the form linked below (this may be done digitally or printed and filled out manually). When complete, please return to your nearest PORT Health clinic.

Additional Documents for Review:


If you have any questions while completing the form, please reach out to the PORT Health location nearest you. You can search for clinics in your area here.