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Mission and Values

Are you in crisis?

PORT Health strives to provide services in a manner consistent with the "Three Pillars" that support our mission and values:

  • Professionalism
  • Compassion
  • Outcomes

The Three Pillars represent PORT Health's guiding principles and uphold the lofty ideals of our agency. Together with our mission and values, they form a sound and solid structure for the effective delivery of services.

Our Mission

To improve the lives, health and well-being of individuals and families dealing with substance use and mental health disorders by providing a comprehensive range of services that treat the whole person and empower patients to find their way forward.

We support the following values that embody the guiding philosophy of our services.

We Believe...

  • Mental illness and substance use disorders are treatable illnesses.
  • Mental illness and substance use disorders in many instances are preventable.
  • In the importance of providing options and opportunities to persons understanding their diverse needs and the challenges of their families.
  • Each individual in need of treatment is unique and has a voice.
  • All persons with mental health and substance use disorders are people first.
  • In providing high-quality services to assist the persons we serve to reach their fullest potential and be active participants in the community.
  • Treatment should be timely, affordable, in adherence to best practices, and should be provided in a safe, flexible, and accessible environment.
  • Treatment benefits the individual person served and his or her family, but also the public health, safety, and economy of our community.
  • Highly qualified, diverse, and well-trained staff is the key to realizing treatment success.
  • In teamwork that fosters honesty, cooperation, and open communication.
  • In sharing our patients served, staff, and program success as a means of advocating the benefits of treatment and fostering positive community attitudes regarding treatment and support services.
  • In creating support services based on personal goals and desired outcomes.
  • In the right of self-determination.