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From Despair to Hope: A Recovery Journey

Posted 09-07-2021

In honor of National Recovery Month, the Pitt County Coalition on Substance Use (PCCSU), Vidant Health, PORT Health Services, ekiM for Change and Eastern Area Health Education Center (EAHEC) invite you to an evening with Ricky Johnson.


Ricky will share with full transparency his journey of trauma, addiction, incarceration, and loss and more.

What is National Prevention Week?

Posted 05-09-2021

NPW is an annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness and action around substance use prevention and the promotion of positive mental health. This year, this national initiative, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), will take place May 9 to 15.


How is prevention defined?

  • the act or practice of stopping something bad from happening 

  • action more.

Promoting Prevention with NC Lock Your Meds

Posted 04-06-2021

PORT Health is proud to partner with the NC Lock Your Meds campaign to educate families about the prevalence and dangers of prescription drug misuse. Lock Your Meds® is a national multi-media campaign designed to reduce prescription drug abuse by making adults aware that they are the “unwitting suppliers” of prescription medications being used in unintended ways, especially by young people. 

While many believe that prescription medications are safer more.

PORT Health earns CARF International three-year accreditation

Posted 01-04-2021

Greenville, NC –   CARF International announced that PORT Health has been accredited for a period of three years for its Outpatient Clinical Treatment and Rehabilitation Program.

This accreditation decision represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization and shows the organization’s substantial conformance to the CARF standards. An organization receiving a Three-Year Accreditation has put itself through a rigorous more.

PORT Health Adds Pharmacy Services

Posted 11-30-2020

Thousands of people in Eastern North Carolina will soon have new support as they manage mental health issues and recover from substance use.

PORT Health, a non-profit behavioral healthcare organization, will begin operating its own pharmacy services later this month, eventually providing medication for patients at all 25 of its treatment centers throughout Eastern North Carolina.

PORT has previously worked with outside vendors to provide medications, but the new, in-house more.

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Posted 07-31-2020

About National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. It was started in 2008 by Bebe Moore and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The event seeks to shine a light on the need for better mental health care in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) and LGBTQ+ communities.

Why minorities aren't getting the mental health care they need

The reasons for this disparity in mental more.

September is National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, let's #ChalkAboutMH

Posted 09-10-2019

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. All month, mental health advocates, prevention organizations, survivors, allies, and community members unite to promote suicide prevention awareness.

National Suicide Prevention Week is the Monday through Sunday surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s a time to share resources and stories, as well as promote suicide prevention awareness.

#BeThe1To is the National more.

A 'Thank You' Letter to PORT

Posted 02-06-2019

I remember thinking to myself that I had a problem before I ever even began to think about admitting I needed help from others to aid in my recovery. I remember the day I told my mother that I needed to go somewhere, anywhere, to get away from everything and have time to clear my head. I remember it was my fourth or fifth day at PORT in Burgaw that I decided to pack my bags in an attempt to leave. It is quite funny for me to think back on that day considering where I am today. It wasn’ more.

Recovery is a Journey, Not Just a Word

Posted 01-17-2019

Every year, millions of adolescent and adults are impacted by substance use disorders in the United States. While tobacco use and underage drinking have been steadily declining since 2002, only a 5% usage reported in 2014, the use of illicit substances has been increasing. In 2014, 4.3 million Americans, ages 12 and older, reported using pain relievers for nonmedical use.

The Opioid Epidemic

We are currently in the midst of an opioid epidemic. But what does that really more.

Hosting a Holiday Party While Including Someone in Recovery

Posted 12-21-2018

Holiday gatherings are all about celebrating the season with loved ones and friends. They involve good food, cheerful music, lots of laughter and, many times, alcoholic drinks. Who doesn’t love a good Hot Toddy during the holidays? But what if one of your loved one has struggled with an alcohol abuse disorder? Planning for that fun holiday party can leave you feeling conflicted as to how you can best support someone you love in their sobriety and still cater good holiday cheer with more.

Grieving During the Holidays

Posted 12-12-2018

Losing a loved one is hard. Losing a loved one around the holidays is even harder. During this time of year, we are reminded of childhood memories, favorite traditions and family. Not only are you cherishing the time spent with those around you, but you are also struck with grief for the ones who are no longer there. Knowing how to cope with these absences, especially during the holidays, can help bring some joy back into this time of year.

Ways to Cope with Grief During the more.

PORT Health Awarded Medication Disposal Kits

Posted 11-15-2018

PORT Health is honored to be receiving drug destruction resources from The AmerisourceBergen Foundation. We are excited to begin implementing these kits within our communities.

Our primary goal is to remove unused and misused medications from communities to reduce social vulnerabilities associated with opioids.

About the Drug Deactivation Bag Distribution Initiative

In December 2017, the Foundation launched a program to provide communities with a safe solution more.

Anti-Bullying Week: What You Can Do

Posted 11-12-2018

Across the United States, 19% of students report having been bullied on school property. Bullying is defined as any unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves real or perceived power imbalance. While most reported bullying happens within school walls, a significant amount happens outside of school, especially through social media. When adults respond quickly and consistently to this type of behavior, it sends the message that is not acceptable.

Signs Your Child May Be Being more.

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Posted 10-15-2018

Did you know that one in five Americans are affected by a mental health condition? Each year, Mental Illness Awareness Week brings attention to an issue that millions of Americans face every day, mental illness. The purpose of this week is to educate the public, fight the stigma around mental illness, and provide support for those who are suffering.


Defining Mental Illness

A mental health condition isn’t always the result of one event such as a more.

National Recovery Month

Posted 10-02-2018

Chances are you have a friend, family member, coworker, or acquaintance who is going through recovery. Even though National Recovery Month has come to a close, it’s important to continue to celebrate those individuals. National Recovery Month is a national observance held every September to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those suffering to live a better life. Just as we celebrate individuals managing their health conditions such as more.

Stress, Alcohol, Drugs and Your College Freshman

Posted 08-29-2018

College is an important time in a person's life because of the transition from being a teenager to a young adult. In addition to taking on a course load that is generally more difficult than they might have faced in high school, college freshmen are experiencing a completely new level of freedom. Some students will handle this transition flawlessly, while others may turn to drugs or alcohol as coping mechanisms or because of peer pressure. If you or someone close to you more.

Just One Conversation Can Help Save a Life

Posted 07-31-2018

Today, mental health professionals are seeing record numbers of people suffering from substance abuse, anxiety, depression, PTSD, child trauma, risk for suicide, and countless other mental illnesses.


Unfortunately, not everyone receives the professional care they need, even though most conditions can be treated successfully. The key is early intervention.

For busy primary care more.

PTSD Awareness Month: What You Need to Know

Posted 06-22-2018

The month of June is designated as National PTSD Awareness Month by the National Center for PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder affects approximately 8 percent of the general population, which accounts for more than 24 million people. In addition, 70 percent of adults will suffer from a traumatic experience that could trigger PTSD in their lifetime, according to PTSD United. Make it your goal for June to better understand the more.

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Posted 05-10-2018

Thursday, May 10th is National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day: Partnering for Health and Hope Following Trauma. This year, efforts are focused on highlighting an integrated health approach for addressing the mental, emotional, and physical health needs of children, youth, and young adults who have experienced trauma. These traumas can range from physical abuse, sexual assault, loss of a loved one, to bullying and more. Trauma can occur in many different forms and understanding more.

Stress and Your Mental Health

Posted 05-04-2018

When someone asks you are, two of the most common responses are “busy” and “stressed”. We hear this very often but what does it really mean to be stressed? Simply put, stress is experiencing tension or emotional strain. Not all stress is bad, but when you are stressed often, it takes a toll on your mental and overall health.

Stress causes a reaction known as fight or flight mode. When your body is subjected to these hormones, including cortisol and more.

Self-Injury Awareness Day: Judge Less, Understand More

Posted 03-01-2018

March 1st is Self-Injury Awareness Day, an international event that aims to improve self-injury awareness across the world. It’s important to raise awareness about self-injury because it helps reduce fear and judgment, encouraging empathy and understanding so people who self-injure no longer feel like they have to suffer alone. The purpose of Self-Injury Awareness Day is to educate people about this condition so they are equipped to reach out to people whom self-injure. more.

Importance of Safe Medication Disposal

Posted 02-26-2018

According to the Medicine Abuse Project, nearly 50% of Americans use one or more prescription medications, with over 10% using five or more. The evolution of modern medicines makes it possible for people to live healthier, longer lives. However, once a medication is no longer useful, needed, or wanted, they are often tossed in the trash or left forgotten in a medicine cabinet. Prescription medications are prescribed very carefully, and it’s equally important to ensure they’re more.

How to Avoid Holiday Party Temptations

Posted 12-22-2017

During the holiday season, those in recovery may feel extra pressure to participate in drinking activities due to holiday celebrations. Between family gatherings, end-of-the-year office parties and New Years Eve celebrations, the temptations are endless. So how do those in recovery protect themselves? Here some ways you can stay on track during this holiday season.

Tips for the Holiday Season

If you are someone recovering from an alcohol use disorder and are planning to more.

Break the Stigma

Posted 11-10-2017

If you are living with or have had a mental illness, at some point in your life you have been told that it is your fault that you are sick. You have been called names. Hurtful, painful names that you have carried along with the guilt, shame, and anxiety you already feel because of your illness. When society doesn’t understand something, they automatically cast judgment and often associate negative labels to describe something they can’t relate to. Sadly, this creates a stigma more.

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week: October 19-25, 2017

Posted 10-25-2017

A Louisiana State University freshman died earlier this month after a night of excessive drinking at a fraternity house. Police say his blood-alcohol level was .495, nearly six times the legal limit. Now, 10 fraternity brothers are being charged in the 18-year-old’s death. This scene is happening far too often on our college campuses. Just last month, it was decided that 14 members of a now-disbanded Penn State fraternity will stand trial for the death of 19-year-old Timothy Piazza. He more.

World Mental Health Day - Mental Health in the Workplace

Posted 10-10-2017

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a day not for dwelling on our differences, but instead focusing on the common goals that unite us. This year those goals are aimed towards mental health in the workplace.

As adults, we spend a significant amount of time at work, therefore our experience at work has a strong hand in determining our overall health. Employees involved in workplace initiatives designed to promote mental health have not only reported increased mood and more.

Take the Pledge: Learn About Mental Illness

Posted 10-05-2017

This year, Oct. 1–7 is Mental Illness Awareness Week, a time to shine a light on mental illness and replace stigma with hope. Each year we fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for equal care. You can get involved at


One in five adults experiences a mental illness in any given year. Those problems can contribute to onset of more serious long-term conditions such as major more.

Join the Voices of Recovery: Strengthen Families and Communities

Posted 09-08-2017

National Recovery Month is held every September to bring awareness to communities across the United States on the importance of recovery for those suffering from mental and/or substance use disorders. A healthy and rewarding life is waiting and within reach for those seeking help.

The 2017 Recovery Month theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Strengthen Families and Communities,” highlights the value of peer support by educating, mentoring, and helping others. It invites more.

In-House Pharmacy Services Now Available Through PORT Health

Posted 08-25-2017

In an effort to provide a more immediate response to patient needs and to complete the continuum of care, PORT Health is proud to announce that it is now partnering with Genoa to provide in-house pharmacy services.

Specializing in behavioral health and addiction services, Genoa is uniquely positioned to be the full-service pharmacy for PORT Health, eastern North Carolina’s largest behavioral health and addiction organization. The addition of pharmacy services provides yet more.

Anxiety Disorders and When To Get Help

Posted 08-15-2017

Anxiety is a natural emotion that all humans experience throughout their life. This sometimes makes it hard for people to understand that there is a difference between “normal” anxiety and an actual anxiety disorder. Most people will feel nervous before a big presentation or worry about a problem at work or within a relationship and these things may create a feeling of anxiety that passes in little to no time at all. For someone that has an anxiety disorder though, these feelings more.