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North Carolina Opioid/Drug Overdose Deaths on the Rise

Posted 07-24-2017

The United States has seen a 137 percent increase nationwide in drug overdose deaths in last 17 years. Our country is now facing an epidemic and drugs don’t single out any individual. Overdose deaths affect men and women, all races, all ages, and from all economic backgrounds.

North Carolina is one of 19 states that saw a significant increase in overdose deaths in 2015 with 1,567. That’s a 14.5% increase from the year before, according to the CDC. In 2015, North Carolina saw one overdose death a day from heroin. That is a 46.4% increase from the year before. Take a look at some of the increases in counties in the east over a 10-year period.

North Carolina Opiate Related Deaths

Brunswick 14 24
Craven 12 22
Lenoir 1 7
Moore 4 11
New Hanover 26 45
Onslow 11 15
Pitt 8 12


Overdoses Affecting Eastern North Carolina

On July 20, 2017, Greenville Fire/Rescue reported that they responded to seven 911 calls to assist someone who had overdosed on narcotics. Each patient was taken to the hospital except for one, who was found dead upon arrival. Pitt County isn’t the only county with numbers like this.

Chocowinity EMS Captain Shane Grier explained the depth of the situation in Beaufort County. He says people are now lining drugs, like heroin, with carfentanil, making the drug even more dangerous. “The problem is a lot of this stuff is cut in peoples kitchen and each hit is a different amount,” Grier said.

As of January 1, Chocowinity EMS has responded to 78 overdoses. Grier says they receive overdose calls at least twice a week. Here are some eye-opening facts about what’s happening in Beaufort County:

  • Overdose rates increased by 400%
  • 2.2 pounds of carfentanil contains 52 million fatal doses
  • They are affecting all age ranges, from 16 to 67
  • One gram of carfentanil will make up to 20 pounds of heroin
  • A dose of carfentanil as small as a grain of salt will kill a man weighing over 220 pounds


PORT Health Provides a Clear Path to Recovery

PORT Health offers Medication Assisted Therapy to specifically treat people struggling with addiction to opiate based substances. The overall purpose behind using an opioid substitution drug is its capacity to assist the patient in gaining stability. This treatment provides the opportunity for the substance user to experience a reduced level of withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings while not producing the euphoric effects often experienced with illicit drug use.

With more than 20 locations across Eastern North Carolina, we are here to help. PORT also offers facility-based crisis centers and two halfway houses. Our qualified medical and clinical professionals are here to help individuals stabilize and recover in a safe and insulted environment. Help is closer than you think, find your nearest PORT Health location, today.