COVID-19 Update:

In light of continued progress and improved COVID-19 metrics reported by the NCDHHS, we are now providing patients with the opportunity to be seen face to face. The option for virtual services remains; however, initial and annual assessments/evaluations must be provided in the clinic. Please note, face coverings are required for all in-clinic services and CDC guidelines must be adhered.

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PORT Health Awarded Medication Disposal Kits

Posted 11-15-2018

PORT Health is honored to be receiving drug destruction resources from The AmerisourceBergen Foundation. We are excited to begin implementing these kits within our communities.

Our primary goal is to remove unused and misused medications from communities to reduce social vulnerabilities associated with opioids.

About the Drug Deactivation Bag Distribution Initiative

In December 2017, the Foundation launched a program to provide communities with a safe solution for site-of-use disposal of opioids. Specifically, we are offering free disposable resources, like deactivation pouches and products, to deactivate unused or expired prescription medication in a safe and effective manner. We have worked with organizations across the U.S. to distribute these resources, and the program is ongoing. For more information about the program, please see the AmerisourceBergen Foundation.