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Employee Benefits Summary

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PORT provides medical coverage through a nationally recognized carrier. Cost to eligible full time employees will be determined based on wellness program participation level. Dependent coverage may be purchased by the employee with pre-tax dollars.

  • Eligibility: following 90-days of employment.

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$25,000 term life policy & a $25,000 AD&D at not cost to the employee.

  • Eligibility: Following 90 days of employment.

PORT provides a voluntary payroll deducted dental plan for full time employees. Employee portion and dependent coverage may be purchased with pre-tax dollars.

PORT provides a Safe Harbor Match, matching up to 4% of employee contributions.

All full-time employees accrue personal leave at a rate specified by policy. Graduated plan beginning after two full years of employment. Maximum annual carry over accrual 160 hours.

  • Eligibility: No waiting period, may be used anytime after earned (may not be advanced)

All full-time employees accrue sick leave at a rate of 1.84 hours per pay period. Maximum annual carry over accrual is 320 hours.

  • Eligibility: No waiting period. May be used anytime after earned (may not be advanced).

All PORT employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation that pays certain benefits when the employee is disabled and absent due to an occupational illness or injury sustained while performing work duties.

  • Eligibility: 1st day of work

The Family Medical Leave Act provides eligible employees with up to 12 weeks unpaid job-protected leave a year and requires group health benefits be maintained during leave.

FMLA Notice - English
FMLA Notice - Spanish

Any regular employee who is a member of the national guard or any components of the United States Armed Forces shall be entitled to leave of absence with pay up to 3 weeks per fiscal year.

Payroll is direct deposited to the banking institution of your choice.

  • Eligibility: Mandatory beginning with 1st payroll following start date.

PORT recognizes the need for and supports on-going training for it’s employees. We offer a wide variety of in-house and free external training and webinars to all staff. CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, are just a few of the training opportunities we offer at no cost to the employee.

Employees who utilize the personal vehicle in the normal course of work duties or travel outside their immediate work area will be reimbursed for said travel at the current approved mileage rate.

PORT Human Services encourages and supports staff professional growth and opportunities. This is done through PORT Human Services offering the following:

  • In-house training
  • Facility space for lunch and learn sessions with Pharmaceutical Company Representatives
  • Educational leave
  • Reimbursements and payment for off site training
  • Incentives for obtaining licensures and credentials